Understanding Grace

Trading Phrases

Sometimes I struggle with doing what is right all the time. Recently I was tested in a huge way because I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be. I had a hard time dealing with the fact that a family member was upset with me regarding a disagreement we had (I gave her some advice that she did not agree with.) I immediately apologized for my aggressive unsolicited advice that I thought I should give this family member after she got upset with me and left her to decide what would be best for herself.

We spent several weeks not really speaking to each other, mostly because I was afraid of how to restore the relationship after our disagreement and she thought I would continue to give her unsolicited advice. I was having a hard time dealing this particular strife in my family. I’ve had lots of loss in my life and was like there is no way I am going to lose her too (especially over something so minor). I asked God to help me be more loving and forgiving to this person, but nothing was changing. My anxiety was starting to get the best of me, which was really driving me crazy because I spent the last year really confronting and managing my fears. I’ve developed a stronger habit of casting my “worries” and trusting God.

So this was really a struggle for me. I was like what is going on…

Turns out all I had to really do was ask God to give me the grace to handle and mange this situation. So today I was driving home from work and stressing out about the phone call I know I needed to make to this family member. And I prayed. (Some may wonder why I thought I needed to be the one to make amends and restore the relationship…well tons of back story would have to be written, but for this blog’s sake, let me just say it’s because family is everything to me.) I asked God to give me the Grace that I needed to communicate with her to restore the relationship and help me keep my family together. We both have different communication styles and only God could help me deliver the words that would repair, restore and heal our love for one another.

I called and left her a message, but she did not answer. A short time passed and my younger sister called me to tell me that she got a text from this family member. I immediately reached out to her again and God helped me to deliver the right words. I told her “I am here for you and you’re not alone.”

It worked.  We’re having lunch this weekend. Sounds simple right? It wasn’t. Sometimes one communication style bumps heads with a different type of communication style. BUT Grace is the power of the holy spirit that enables us to do whatever we need to do with ease. 

Thank you God! I owe you all the glory. I didn’t realize how powerful God’s grace was, nor did I really understand the true meaning of it. You can’t have TRUE peace without understanding grace. A hard lesson for me to learn, but glad I went through it! 🙂

God Bless,



About Norma E. Ramos

Believer. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Friend. With God all things are possible. Believe that all dreams come true. God delivers freedom and victory. The sky is the LIMIT!

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